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Our Process

Idea and Concept
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Our team will sit with you one-on-one to investigate and explore your vision, listen to your ideas, and most importantly, learn about your unique style. Through a collaborative discussion involving image review or a walk-around our showroom, we seek to uncover what inspires you. We will discuss your goals for such an important space, and how you want it to feel once the design process is complete.

Design and Create

Shouldn’t the design of your kitchen be as unique as you? We think so. Our design team is purposeful and mindful when expressing your individual style. During this phase, your project will come to life in 3D – a perk of working with us. Giving you multiple options to discuss the pros and cons of each design, and then refine to your distinctive taste.

Build and Install

Once we’ve established the products and design elements of your vision, we will use our established network of General Contractors who will best fit your project goals allowing you to obtain the best combination of pricing, quality, and scheduling. You have invested time and money into a thoughtful design plan, we will make sure your vision is built.

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